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December 09, 2008


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The Glamorous Life

Amen and high five. You said better than anyone.

This whole thing has me pretty darn pissed off and no place to put my anger. No way to take action. I need to take action when I feel this way.

Suz broughton

You make a great point! It is part of a bigger problem. The whole thing boils me.


Hey, I live in the Motor City and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was going on a few years ago when everyone started enveloping themselves in bigger and bigger houses and seating their big old butts into bigger and bigger vehicles. Everything just kept inflating: portion sizes, TV screens, couches, wedding rings. All swollen to indecent proportions.
Maybe I was jealous because my paycheck wasn't growing at the same rate. But I wondered: Who ARE these people and where are they getting this money? I also wondered: What is fueling this insanity? Whose appetite was bigger: the pusher or the user? We've all been taken to the cleaners, haven't we?

Finishing School



Man, we are in such an economic tailspin! Just when it seemed things couldn't get worse..... Hey, but don't forget that sweet stimulus check we got this summer! Thanks George Bush for the four tanks of gas that whoppin $300 got me! Now I'll turn my head and pretend that our government shouldn't be held accountable..........

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